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2021 Church Softball League

  1. The church league will consist of 6 games plus a league tournament and will cost $120 per team per league.
  2. Important Dates:
    The church league will play on Sundays from June 6 - July 18 (with no games on July 4) and will conclude with a tournament on July 25. The registration deadline is May 28. Only teams who have registered and paid by the deadline will be allowed to play.
  3. Team Captain Information
  4. Team Captain Responsibilities:*
    1. Complete team roster/waiver form; include team substitutes and ensure that all team members sign. The roster/waiver form will be emailed to team captains once league registration closes and needs to be returned to the Community Services Office before the start of the 2nd game. 2. Ensure team members are knowledgeable of league rules and abide by them. Failing to do so could result in being denied entry into league tournament. 3. Promote a fun, safe, and enjoyable atmosphere for all players. This is a recreational league, so please be considerate of others. 4. Report problems, league violations, schedule issues, and other concerns to Community Services Office as soon as possible. 5. Fulfill umpiring duties when scheduled. 6. League teams are responsible for making sure the area is clean and all trash picked up.
  5. Alternate Contact
  6. Entry Fee
    Church Softball League Fee (001 4030 1 45000)
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    A processing fee will be added at checkout.
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