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Residential Building Permit Application - New Construction


  1. 1. New Residential Building - Project Overview
  2. 2. Notices & Certification
  • New Residential Building - Project Overview

    1. Newton - Community Development
    2. Building Official Contact Information

      Mel Duncan
      641-792-6622, ext. 2306

    3. City Planner Contact Information

      Brian Dunkelberger
      641-792-6622, ext. 2317

    4. Please verify the project location is inside the city limits of Newton, Iowa before continuing.
    5. Building Plans

      Completed building plans (PDF) are required.

    6. Please upload building plans as a PDF.

    7. Please upload Plot Plans as a PDF file.
    8. Please upload an erosion control plan as a PDF.

    9. Call Before You Dig! Iowa One Call 1-800-292-8989