Where is the Newton Public Library?
This Newton Public Library is in Iowa. If you are coming to Newton on I-80, there are two exits for Newton. Take exit 164 (the westernmost exit). Go north on U.S. Highway 6/Iowa Highway 14. Go straight at the stoplight (South 12th Avenue). At the four-way stop sign and flashing red lights, turn east following U.S. Highway 6, which is also 1st Avenue West. (Don't follow Iowa Highway 14 north out of town!) Continue on 1st Avenue West to West 2nd Street (you will be at the southwest corner of the square with the Jasper County Courthouse.) Turn north on West 2nd Street. Go two blocks to North 3rd Avenue West. Taking up the entire block northeast of this intersection you will see a building with a roof as blue as a summer sky. That's the library. Sir Rustolot, our dragon is there on the lawn to greet you.

There is free parking in the lot on the west side of the library and on the streets surrounding the library.

Mapquest link to Newton Public Library

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1. Where is the Newton Public Library?
2. How do I get a library card?
3. Does the library offer wi-fi access?