Board of Directors

Board Members
Jennifer Cook
Great Southern Bank
Levi Pence
Pence Reese Funeral Home
Vice President
Frank Liebl
Newton Development Corporation
Fred Rhodes
Lessor of Residential RE
Jeff Price
Great Western Bank
Mark Otto
Otto Law Office PLLC
Jim Hickman
Closer Look Inspections
Amy Trease
First Newton National Bank
Bev Price
Great Southern Bank
Floyd Davis
Spahn and Rose
Bob Cupples
Iowa Realty
Kristi Cummins
Troy Teague
Teague Constructions
Shawn Preston
Heartland Realty
Dan Kunkel
Kunkel Construction
Alida Anderson
RE/MAX Concepts

Michael L. Hansen
City of Newton - Mayor
Matt Muckler
City of Newton - City Administrator
Erin Chambers
City of Newton - Planning & Zoning Director
Craig Armstong
City of Newton - Development Specialist
Mel Duncan
City of Newton - Building Inspector
Amanda Price
Greater Newton Area Chamber of Commerce
Graham Sullivan
Newton Main Street