Digital Archives

Jasper County History at Your Fingertips!

The Newton Public Library Digital Archive includes digitized materials selected from the collections of the Newton Public Library, Jasper County Historical Museum, and private citizens. Available materials include photographs, postcards, documents, and yearbooks that record the history of Jasper County’s schools, government, businesses, and residents. New content is added weekly.

If you are interested in having your historical items scanned for use in the digital archive, or would like additional information about the archive, please contact:

Rebecca Klein
Public Services Librarian
(641) 792.4108

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Newton High School Yearbooks

The Newton Public Library collects copies of the Newtonia High School yearbook dating back to 1911. While the oldest yearbooks are digitized and available in the Newton Public Library Digital Archive, recent years can be accessed at the library. The Newton Community School District retains the rights to all Newtonia yearbooks and photographs therein.

Please note - The digitized yearbook files are very large, because they are primarily high resolution photographs. These files typically take 5-10 minutes to download. We recommend viewing the yearbooks on a desktop computer, as many mobile phones and tablets do not have the storage space required to download these files.