Community Vision & Mission Statement

Aerial View of Newton

Newton aspires to become a center of excellence with world-class education, technology, research and development, and an innate culture of entrepreneurship. We seek to embrace and support diverse businesses and create enterprises that will put Newton on the map as a quality community of choice. We strive to create systems that fuel the world with renewable energy, and we desire to celebrate our gourmet foods that are premium, natural and high in value. We wish to epitomize the quality community: smart, innovative, safe, fun and cool. We aim to be the center for festivals and events that celebrate the arts and culture. Newton will exemplify the positive, small town feel where rewarding opportunities enrich the lives of us all.

Mission Statement

The Newton Development Corporation strives to improve the economic well-being of the Newton community.

We accomplish this through collaboration with other community stakeholders to increase investment in Newton by retaining, growing and attracting business. Our success is measured through growth in employment, population, housing, retail sales, tax base, healthcare accessibility and school enrollment.

We will follow these principles and values: Honesty, integrity, respect, professionalism, teamwork and an appropriate balance of transparency and confidentiality.