Payment & Rate Information

Payment Information

Payments are accepted in the form of auto-deduct, cash, check or money order. To make a payment you can do one of the following:

  • Sign up for auto deduction from your checking or savings account - which is a FREE service. Click here to find out more.AutoPay Form
  • Drop off your payments in our office during normal business hours. Walk in or drive-up.
  • Check or money order payments can be left at one of two 24 hour accessible drop locations; outside the Waterworks Administration office (to the left of the front doors at City Hall) and at the Hy-Vee customer service counter. Both drop locations are emptied once a day at 7:30 a.m. when the office opens.
  • On-Line Payments:  $1.00 Checking or Savings Account.  3% of balance + $0.50 Debit & Credit Cards  Utility Payment Portal

Rate Schedules

Below you will find rate schedules for water, sewer, recycling/solid waste and stormwater. These rates, moving forward, will be set by City Council. 

Water Rates (effective 8-1-19)

Residential (Inside City Limits)Residential (Outside City Limits)
Zero to 200 cubic ft. - $11.45Zero to 200 cubic ft. - $14.31
Each 100 cubic ft. over minimum @ $2.87Each 100 cubic ft. over minimum @ $3.59

Commercial (Inside City Limits)
(minimums shown in table below - based on meter size)
Commercial (Outside City Limits)
(minimums shown in table below - based on meter size) 
Each 100 cubic ft. - $2.87Each 100 cubic ft. - $3.59

Commercial Minimums
5/8-inch or 5/8 x 3/4-inch meter$11.45
3/4-inch meter$11.45
1-inch meter  $11.45
1.5-inch meter $11.45
2-inch meter$12.80
3-inch meter$39.76
4-inch meter$49.75
6-inch meter$73.05
8-inch meter$99.68

Sewer Rates (effective 7-1-22)

  • Minimum/Zero to 200 cubic ft. - $14.49
  • Over 200 cubic ft. - $3.65 per 100 cubic ft.
Sewer Surcharges for Extra Strength
Newton Senior High Schoolx 1.1
Commercial Landuries & Laundromatsx 1.2
Car washesx 1.3
Bakeriesx 1.4
Restaurantsx 1.6

Recycle/Solid Waste Rates (effective 7-1-22)

  • $14.57 per unit

Stormwater Rates (effective 7-1-22)

  • $4.25 per ERU