Right-of-Way Permits

Applications & Permits

To do construction in the public right-of-way, permits are required. Permits are issued by the Engineering Division upon application by the property owner, licensed contractor or public utility performing work in the right of way. This permit is required to promote public safety and convenience and to assure that excavation and construction by private owners, public utilities and licensed contractors is performed in a uniform and workmanlike manner within right-of-way on public ground. Right-of-Way Construction Permit Application

Definitions of Work Requiring a Permit

Excavation & Construction

Excavation and construction includes installation, repair and replacement of driveways and sidewalks; the

installation, repair and replacement of all public utilities, as well as grading and other activities completed. This work must be done by a licensed contractor who must apply for the permit and pay the associated permit fee. Construction in Public Right-of-Way

Minor Repairs

Minor repairs is work personally performed by property owners to existing sidewalks or driveways and public grounds abutting their property. This work may include crack repair, removal and replacement of existing driveways to the same line and grade or resurfacing. This excludes any work required to the street curb cut or grinding of the curb. A permit is required for these minor repairs when done by the property owner.

Street Curb Cut Work or Curb Grinding

Street curb cut work or curb grinding is work done to the actual street surface or curb and gutter section, and it must be completed by a licensed contractor. The contractor must apply for the permit and pay the associated permit fee.

Licenses Required

All contractors and public non-exempt utilities persons (other than property owner completing minor repairs) performing excavation or construction in City owned right of way areas must be licensed. To be licensed with the City, you will need to present a certificate of insurance and a bond.

Certificate of Insurance

Class A is required for excavation and a Class B certificate is required for flat work. A license and permit bond in the amount of $5,000 is also required.


All applicants, other than property owners personally performing minor repairs to sidewalks or driveways as defined above shall pay a permit fee as established by the City Council.

Backfilling & Restoration

Any person excavating in the streets or City owned right of way or public grounds shall be responsible for the backfilling of the excavation and the restoration of the pavement or surfacing according to city specifications.

Permits are issued within one working day upon review of the completed application unless there is a discrepancy or the application violates City Code.