Identification Unit - Seized Property/Evidence

The Identification Unit employs a civilian Identification Technician who processes crime scenes to document, collect and preserve physical evidence such as fingerprints, footwear impressions, blood and other biological fluids, as well as trace evidence such as hairs or fibers. The Identification Unit assists the Fire Department with photographic documentation and collection of evidence during arson investigations. The Identification Unit is also responsible for crime scene photography. The Newton Police Department utilizes digital photography, which lessens the need for costly film development. The Unit lends its expertise and assists other city departments with their photographic needs, and assists when needed with videotaping and broadcasting the city council meetings.

The Identification Unit maintains the evidence facility, logs in and secures evidence until final disposition of cases, then returns or purges evidence as necessary. The Identification Technician also testifies in court on the chain of custody for evidence, the collecting and processing of crime scenes, the processing of the evidence in the lab and the results of the examinations made by the Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) Laboratory.