Burial Arrangements & Fees

The fees below are in effect as of January 1, 2022.

Sale of SectionsFee
Infant (spaces in Babyland only)$425.00
Veteran in Veteran's Section (Resident)1$0
Veteran in Veteran's Section (non-resident)$750.00
Veteran's Spouse$750.00

Niche 5
Double Niche 5

Opening & Closing GravesFee
Infant - Weekdays2$425.00
Cremation - Weekdays2,3$550.00

Adult Cremation4 buried in lot$750.00
Columbarium Niche4$150.00

Setting of StonesFee
Veteran in Veteran's Section$100.00
Veteran not in Veteran's Section$125.00

Lot Location & Inspection Fee for Foundations$25.00
Fee for a Copy of Certificate of Interment Rights$20.00
Lot or Niche Transfer Fee$30.00

1 To qualify for the resident rate, a driver’s license, recent utility bill or voter registration must be provided that shows the deceased lived within Newton city limits within 90 days of death.

2 Any weekday closing of graves that begin after 2:30 pm will incur and additional $100.00 fee; Saturdays additional $200.00; Sundays and Holidays additional $250.00. 

3 $50.00 for each additional cremation opening & closing in same section and on same day.

4  The City of Newton is not liable for damages that occur to the vault or urn.

5  Niche purchases include bronze name plaque and opening/closing to place urn.