Records Unit

The Newton Police Department Records Unit is responsible for central coordination and administration of department records, data entry, system storage, maintenance and retrieval functions.

Additional duties include the coordination of court appearances, providing information to the public upon request, maintaining found property listings, receiving payment on parking tickets, answering incoming phone calls, interacting with walk-in traffic and the sale of dog, cat and bicycle licenses.

Records Available to Public

According to Iowa Code Chapter 22.7, peace officers' investigative reports are confidential. The Iowa Code does allow for public access to "the date, time, specific location, and immediate facts and circumstances surrounding a crime or incident ... except in those unusual circumstances where disclosure would plainly and seriously jeopardize an investigation or pose a clear and present danger to the safety of an individual." This information is available upon request.

Police records that are available to the public include the following:

  • Dispatch Call for Service Record - This record shows the date, time, location and other information about an incident as reported to Jasper County Dispatch.
  • Iowa DOT Driver Exchange Report - This record is provided to drivers at the scene of an accident. It lists both drivers involved, their insurance information and a narrative.
  • Iowa DOT Accident Report ($5 fee) - In accordance with Iowa Code 321.271, accident reports will be made available upon request to any party to an accident, the party's insurance company or the party's attorney.
  • Verification of Loss Report ($5 fee) - This report lists items that are damaged or stolen during a theft or burglary in order for the victim to provide paperwork to his/her insurance company.

The public also may visit the Jasper County Courthouse or State Courts website for additional information on criminal charges and pending court cases.

Records Requests

To request a record, individuals may contact the Newton Police Department front office during regular business hours. It is helpful if you can provide a case number, the date and time of the incident, or any other specific information about the records you seek.

There is a $5 fee for Iowa DOT Accident Reports and Verification of Loss Reports. Individuals may obtain the report or give their insurance companies the case number to request the report. To request a report by mail, send the request with a case number and $5 check to the Newton Police Department, 101 W. 4th St. S., Newton, IA, 50208.