Union Drive Reconstruction

Project Description

This project includes the complete reconstruction of W 8th St N, Union Drive, and W 4th St N; all between N 4th Ave W and the north City Limits north of N 19th Ave W. The street sections are past their useful life, are generally too narrow, and are in need of constant repairs.

Project Budget

The project cost is $4.2 million dollars. $3.35 million will come from a Surface Transportation Block Grant Federal-Aid Swap Agreement through the Iowa DOT. The balance will be paid using a mixture of Road Use Tax Funds, General Fund Bonds, and other possible local funds. This agreement includes requirements related to the design, administration, funding, and construction of the project. The Iowa DOT agreement number on this project is 1-20-STBG-SWAP-030; and the project number is STBG-SWAP-5482(622)---5G-50. 

Project Management

This project was awarded to Reilly Construction Co., Inc. of Ossian, IA.

City Project Manager: 

Joe Grife, Public Works Director

Project Status & Updates

Please continue to check back to this page for project updates.

UPDATED 11/1/23

  • The Union Drive project is progressing steadily as Iowa Civil, a subcontractor of Reilly, paves the 400 Block of W 8th St N to connect Hartwig Way with N 4th Ave W. The team is scheduled to complete the mainline paving from 400 feet north of the N 9th Ave W intersection, extending south of N 15th Ave W, by Friday, 11/3/23. However, if weather conditions or material availability becomes an issue, the work may continue into Saturday, 11/4/23. Following the completion of mainline paving, the team will focus on driveways and intersections, followed by ongoing backfilling and grading work.

Update 8/8/23

  • The reconstruction of Union Drive is making steady progress despite facing challenges such as inclement weather, wet site conditions, and utility conflicts. The team achieved significant milestones this past week, including completing intersections at N 7th Ave W and N 9th Ave W and installing a new water main between N 4th Ave W and N 7th Ave W. By the end of next week, Reilly Construction aims to finish the remaining phase 1 utilities, paving the way for grading and paving to begin immediately after that. The removal of pavement and installation of storm sewers are already underway in the next phase, with two underground crews working simultaneously. Throughout the process, Reilly Construction has constructed temporary accesses to maintain citizens' access. The project has used 40% of the specified working days, and the team has completed over 45% of the work.

Update 6/27/23

  • Union-Drive-June-27-UpdateThe mainline paving done by Iowa Civil, a subcontractor of Reilly, will start just north of N 7th Ave W, headed north past N 9th Ave W in phase 1A. They are paving tomorrow, 6/28/2023 weather depending. This section of paving will cover about 1100 feet. The anticipated time frame for mainline paving is planned for two days but could be completed in one. In the days following, the contractor will saw joint lines and prepare the intersection of N 9th Ave W to tie in the mainline.
  • The water main replacement is currently between N 5th Ave W and N 7th Ave W working south towards N 4th Ave W. After the new main is installed; pressure checking will be completed to ensure the water main doesn’t leak, followed by sanitizing the new water main. After the water main passes testing, Reilly Construction will install the new water services along its path. Following the completion of the water main and services, Reilly will prepare the subgrade and install the storm sewer before preparation for paving takes place.

Update 5/8/2023

  • We've got an update on the Union Drive project. The contractor is planning to close Union Drive between N 4th Ave W and N 7th Ave W. Union Drive remains CLOSED for through traffic between N 15th Ave W and N 4th Ave W.  Questions? Contact the Public Works Department at 641-792-6622.

Update 4/4/2023

  • The Union Drive Reconstruction Project is underway. Union Drive is CLOSED to through traffic between N 15th Ave W and N 4th Ave W. Any drivers that normally use Union Drive MUST USE the signed detour (shown in this image). Questions? Contact the Public Works Department at 641-792-6622.

Update 2/22/2023

  • In preparation for the Union Drive Reconstruction Project, scheduled to begin in early April, the City of Newton plans to hold an open house. The open house will occur from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, March 2, in the Council Chambers at City Hall (101 W 4th Street S).
  • This open house will allow residents to obtain additional information on the project. The information available will include planned improvements, construction schedules, road closures, and detours. Details regarding temporary accesses and services, including mail and garbage collection, will also be available.

Update 2/21/2023

  • On Tuesday, February 14, City staff met with Reilly Construction Co. and their subcontractors to discuss the 2023 construction and phasing schedule for the reconstruction of Union Dr. 
  • The project's first phase will be removing trees and shrubs in the City right-of-way that conflicts with the proposed improvements. This work should begin by March 1. Per Iowa DOT specifications, tree removals must be completed before March 31 to help protect endangered species which may be living in the trees. During this work, intermittent lane closures on Union Dr. will be necessary; however, the road will remain open to traffic. 
  • Road construction requiring complete road closures will begin on Monday, April 3. The first phase of construction (Phase 1A) begins at N 7th Ave W and ends just north of N 9th Ave W. The second phase (Phase 1 B) will start shortly after Phase 1A. This second phase begins at N 4th Ave W and ends at N 7th Ave W. Paving of both phases will likely coincide. 
  • The posted detour for the initial phases of work will be 1st Ave W, 1st St N, and N 15th Ave W. City staff will schedule an open house soon to share information with the property owners along Union Dr. and answer any questions. Below is the planned phasing of the project, but as work progresses, this may change as needed. Currently, 131 of the initial 200 working days specified in the contract remain.

Project Maps & Additional Documents