Co-ed Sand Volleyball League


The co-ed league will consist of 6 games plus a league tournament. Cost is $160 per team.

The league will begin on May 4. The registration deadline is April 22.

Game Times

  1. All games will be at the sand volleyball courts at Agnes Patterson Park.
  2. Games will begin at 5:30pm and 6:45pm.
  3. Games will be played on Wednesdays starting May 4th. If more than 8 teams sign up, then an additional day will be added. These games (if needed) will play on Fridays starting May 6th. We will notify teams of this the week after registration deadlines. 
  4. Rainouts will be played the following Friday. A staff member will notify the captains via text/email if cancellation is known for sure.
  5. Tournament will be hosted on June 15th. If have more than 8 teams, tournament will be hosted on June 18th. 

General Rules

  1. For roster, teams must have a minimum of 6 players on a team but no more than 9 players. This is a co-ed league. There must be both females and males on your roster. Players may not play on more than one team.
  2. Players must be 18 years old to participate.
  3. No alcohol is allowed on the courts at any times. Tobacco usage is prohibited in all park areas and facilities.
  4. There must be at least 4 players on the court to begin and to finish the game. If 4 players are not present 5 minutes after the scheduled match time, the match will be forfeited. A maximum of 6 players can be on a court.
  5. There does not have to be an equal number of male and female on the court, BUT at no time can there be more than 3 male players on the court.
  6. There are no referees. You make the call and be fair and honest! A point will be replayed if a call cannot be made or agreed upon! Remember this is a recreational league and city staff wants to ensure it is fun for all players. Any protest of games decisions should be made to the park and recreation staff no more than 24 hours after a game.
  7. To begin the game, teams will do a coin toss to determine which teams will serve and receive (teams may choose to serve, receive, or a side). Teams will change sides for each game.
  8. Rally scoring will be used for all 3 games.
  9. All games will be played to 25 points with a 27-point cap. In order to win a game, a team must win by at least 2 points or be the first team to reach the point cap.
  10. Teams will be scheduled to play for 1 hour. Best 2 out of 3. When 60 minutes of play time has elapsed, the leading team will be the winner. If ties occur, the teams will continue with the next team scoring the next point being the winner.
  11. Serving order and positions should alternate male-female. However, if there is only 5 players competing, it is allowable for two males or females to follow each other.
  12. If there is interference by other courts, the rally will be stopped and replayed.
  13. Contacting the ball during play must be brief and instantaneous. The ball may touch any part of the body. When the ball comes to rest momentarily in the hands or arms of a player it is considered being held. The ball must be cleanly hit. Scooping, lifting, pushing, or carrying the ball shall be considered a foul.
  14. The ball may be contacted only three times before it is sent over the net. If two players strike the ball simultaneously it is only one hit and either player may hit the ball again.
  15. When the ball is played more than once by a team, a female player must hit the ball before it is returned over the net. Multiple hits in succession by a female are permitted.
  16. The defensive team may not block or spike a serve.
  17. A served ball that contacts the net and remains in play is legal. 
  18. Crossing the centerline as long as no interference occurs is okay.
  19. A ball touching a boundary line is good and counted in.
  20. The offensive team must always have the opportunity to play their three hits. A set may not be blocked over the net (unless it is directed over the net); but if any portion of the ball breaks the plane of the net, either team may hit it. If there is a defensive block on the third hit, the blocker’s arm may cross the plane of the net to block the ball.
  21. Contact with the net is not a fault unless it interferes with play. “Interferes with play” is specifically defined as contacting the top band of the net; taking support from the net while playing the ball; creating an advantage over the opponent, or making actions which hinder the opponent’s opportunity to play the ball.
  22. All other Rules follow Iowa High School Volleyball Rules.

League Awards

1st place winners of each of the league’s tournament will get bragging rights. Teams will get their photo taken with the league’s trophy.