Mobile Food Units

The Mobile Food Unit License is to be filled out and submitted by the vendor (and is good for them for 1 year no matter where they park in the City). The premise permit application is to be filled out by the property owner. 

The ordinance does not allow food trucks to park on City owned property or on the City street except for the downtown square area.  A premise permit is still required in those instances. 

The ordinance requires submittal of the documents at least 5 days prior to the event.  A mobile food unit cannot be located at the same property for more than 3 consecutive days..  

Food Truck Owners

A mobile food unit license is an annual license that expires one year from the date of approval and must be renewed prior to the first event after that date. Applications shall be filed with the City on the form provided by the City. No application request shall be accepted unless it conforms to the requirements of the City of Newton Code of Ordinances. 

Newton Property Owners

The premise permit simply tells the City where on your property (or other privately owned property you have permission to use) any food vendor for the upcoming or any future events over the next year. The premise permit is good for 1 year provided the different food trucks park in the same designated location.