STEAM Kits for Kids

Check out a STEAM kit! These science, technology, engineering, art, and math kits each have a different theme and include a combination of books and educational toys. All kits check out for 3 weeks.


Kit Name Age Range
All About Dinosaurs Pre-K - Grade 3
IPTV Building Challenge  Ages 4+
Decimals and Rounding  Pre-K - Grade 3
Food and Nutrition  Pre-K - Grade 3
Gadgets, Gizmos and Gears  Pre-K - Grade 3
Magnets Ages 4+
Music Pre-K & Kindergarten
IPTV Patterns and Puzzles Pre-K - Grade 2
Robotics and Coding  Pre-K - Grade 3
Roller Coaster Fun  Ages 6+
Stamps and Drawing  Pre-K - Grade 3
Understanding Our Universe  Pre-K - Grade 3
Weather Activity Grades 1-3
Writing A to Z Activity  Pre-K & Kindergarten
Math Games and Trivia  Grade 4+
Machines and Contraptions Grade 4+
Electronics, Coding and Bots  Grade 4+
Estimation and Patterns  Grade 4+
Everyday Science  Grade 4+
Examine Science and Nature  Grade 4+
Ready, Set, Kindergarten Pre-K - Grade 3

Kit Descriptions