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Donated Materials and Memorials
Policies regarding acceptance of materials for donation or memorial.
The Newton Public Library acknowledges the fact that gifts have been vital to the establishment and growth of the library.


Memorial books or audio-visual materials may be donated in honor of a friend or relative.

1. Materials will be marked with a special bookplate.

2. Materials should be satisfactory to both the donor and the library.

3. The library will assume the responsibility for ordering memorial materials.

4. The same principles of weeding will be applied to memorial books as are applied to weeding the rest of the collection.


Used books, both hardcover and paperback, can sometimes be used in the library's collection. Such books are accepted with the understanding that they will be added to the collection only when needed.

1. As a general policy, outdated textbooks or books in poor physical condition will not be accepted.

2. Materials not added to the collection will be disposed of to the best possible advantage. They may be donated to the Friends of the Newton Public Library, the local PTA program, other institutions, recycled, or destroyed.

3. The same principles of selection which are applied to purchases are applied when considering gifts to the library.

4. All gifts to Newton Public Library are tax deductible, and the library will furnish a statement for tax purposes. However, no financial value will be placed upon used materials donated to the library.

5. Special collections of material will not be accepted with restriction that they must be kept together as a separate physical entity. Each book, record, etc. will be evaluated as an individual item and, if accepted, integrated into the general collection.