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Rental Permits

If you are renting a property within the city limits of Newton, you are required to have a rental permit. Below are instructions on how to obtain, renew or learn more about the City of Newton code.

How to Obtain a Rental Permit
To begin, please click here to fill out an Application for Rental Housing Permit, and then return this form along with the appropriate payment to the Fire Department.  A rental inspection will also need to be scheduled with the Fire Marshal. You may schedule this by calling 641-792-3347.

How to Renew a Rental Permit:
There are 2 steps required to renew a rental permit:  (1) Pay the permit fee and (2) Schedule an inspection of the rental.

Permit Fees
First, you are required to pay an annual permit fee. The permit year runs from July 1-June 30. Invoices for the permit year are sent out in two batches between March and June.  Below is the fee breakdown.

 Type of Dwelling Permit Fee 
 Single Family  $35 Annually
 Duplex  $60 Annually
 Owner Occupied Duplex  $30 Annually
 Multi-Unit  $30 Per Unit Annually

Online Payment
Online payment is now available for Rental Permit fees! Click the link below to make a credit card payment: 

 Rental Permits ePAY.png

Permit Inspections
Secondly, you are required to have an inspection of the property. Please call the Fire Department at (641) 792-3347 to schedule an inspection.

Here are some answers to commonly asked questions about inspections:
  • Tenants must be given 24 hours advanced notice.
  • Inspections take approximately 20 minutes for single family dwellings; and 2-3 minutes per unit for multi-unit dwellings.
  • Inspections are completed on a rotating basis.  Inspection notices are sent out mid January of each year to notify you when an inspection is required.  If you do not receive a notice but wish to schedule an inspection during the current year, simply call our office at (641) 792-3347.
  • Someone must be present during the inspection.  It can be the owner, the renter, or an individual designated by the owner.
  • During inspections, the Fire Marshal checks for violations of the Minimum Housing Code.  While it is impossible to list every violation of this code, we have put together a Rental Inspection Checklist that contains commonly found violations.

Rental Permit Notices
After your fee has been paid and your inspection completed (if required for the current fiscal year) a Rental Permit will be sent out from our office.

How Do I Learn More About the Minimum Rental Housing Code?
Click here to view the "Newton, Iowa, Code of Ordinances; Title 3, Environmental and Health; Chapter 21 - Minimum Rental House - Code."

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