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Statistics & Reports

2015 Call Statistics

The below Newton Fire Department call statistics are summaries through 12-31-15.

Alarm Summary 2015_thumb.png

  Firefighter/Paramedics responded to 2,603 calls for service in 2015.  There were 2,275 (87%) ambulance
  calls and 328 (13%) fire/rescue calls.   

Fire Suppression and Rescue Services
In addition to fire suppression, the Newton Fire Department provides services in the following areas:
  • Vehicle Extrication
  • Confined Space Rescue
  • Building Collapse Rescue
  • Trench Rescue
  • Surface Ice Rescue
  • Rope Rescue

Emergency Medical Services
The Newton Fire Department EMS Division provides the following services:
  • Basic Life Support 
  • Advanced Life Support
  • Critical Care Transport 
  • Routine and Emergency Transfers between facilities

     Pie Chart 2015_thumb.png

    Of the 2,275 ambulance calls in 2015, 436 of
    these transports were hospital to hospital transfers.


Hazardous Materials Services
The Newton Fire Department is contracted with Jasper County to provide Hazardous Materials
response in Jasper County. The Newton Fire Department is trained to a technician level of hazardous
materials response. The surrounding fire departments within Jasper County are trained to an operations
level which allows them to assist the Hazardous Materials Response Team should their services be required.


Department Contact Information
Newton Fire Department
410 S. 2nd Ave. W.
Newton, IA 50208
(641) 792-3347 Phone; (641) 791-0884 Fax