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Trash Collection
Trash Collection Guidelines
Residential Curbside Trash Collection is provided to all single-family, duplex, three-unit and four-unit residential units, as long as the dwelling does not receive trash collection from a dumpster or other common collection container. 
  • One 35 gallon (up to 65 pounds) container of trash will be collected each week from each residential premises.  If your trash container is larger than 35 gallons, only the equivalent of 35 gallons (65 pounds) will be picked up. 
  • A tag must be purchased for all trash in excess of 35 gallons per week.  Tags can be purchased at Fareway Grocery Store, Newton Hy-Vee Grocery Store, Farver True Value, Theisen's, Newton Walmart Supercenter, and the Newton Sanitary Landfill for $2.00 per tag plus sales tax in quantities of five (5). 
  • Tag must be attached to a trash bag and placed at the curb or placed inside a trash container so that the tag is visible.  Since a tag is used only once, it shall not be attached to the trash container or lid.

See Map of Newton's Garbage Pickup Schedule.