Social Media Policy

Terms of Use

The City of Newton's Facebook Pages are maintained and monitored by the City Administration Department to ensure that posted comments are constructive and suitable for all readers while respecting a range of opinions and points of view. Posted comments must comply with the following regulations:

  1. Comments must be civil and may not contain slanderous, libelous, malicious, offensive, threatening, profane, or insulting language.
  2. References to the personality of individuals or personal attacks will not be permitted.
  3. Comments must be within the scope of the topic under discussion. Repetitive or duplicate posts will be removed to maintain equity and ease of use for others.
  4. Comments containing links to other websites or pages must be relevant to the topic.
  5. Participants are responsible for what they post. Comments much not breach any law, confidentiality, or copyright.
  6. The City of Newton's Facebook page is politically neutral and therefore does not allow petitions, endorsements, advocacy, or political messages to be published in the space.

Anyone posting comments contrary to this Terms of Use policy may be prohibited from future participation. The City of Newton reserves the right to update these Terms of Use.